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Deliverable 5.6 “Network App Certification andRelease to Marketplace (Final)”

The ultimate objective of EVOLVED-5G project and WP5, more specifically, is to Certify the Network Applications developed in the Project and release them to the Marketplace. Thus, the current document “Network App Certification and Release to Marketplace (Final)” provides details on the Certification Process defined in EVOLVED-5G It outlines the establishment of a Certification Pipeline for implementation and delves into the subsequent Release of certified Network Applications to the Marketplace Moreover, the document provides details on each of the certification tests implemented and the tools used to build these tests, the generation of the Certification Report and the integration with the Open Repository, and finally, describes the lifecycle of the Network Applications in the Marketplace, describing the Release process, the
upgrades and deprecation of Network Applications.

FOGUS Network Application

The Fogus Innovations 5G add-on application extends the capabilities of a Security Information and Event Management system to include 5G devices in the monitoring process. The application was successfully deployed and tested at Athens 5G platform in NCSR Demokritos campus by FOGUS and NCSRD partners on Thursday 23rd March 2023. Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zb6SHLP7Uk