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EVOLVED-5G announcement on CAFA tech’s website

CAFA Tech, EVOLVED-5G partner, announced the EVOLVED-5G project in their official website. In this announcement they share information about the nature of the project and their role. You may find the announcement here: https://www.cafatech.com/evolved-5g/

EVOLVED-5G first technical tests

The University of Malaga and CAFA Tech teams conducted the first Technical Tests on the campus of the University of Malaga on April 26-28 2022. The aim was to test the connection of a CAFA Robot onboard 5G modem to 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) and SA (Stand-Alone) networks and 4K video streaming over 5G NSA and SA networks directly to the CAFA Video Safety Analysis Application (vApp) running on the University of Malaga platform. 4K video streaming worked over both the 5G NSA and the SA and a number of advances have also been made in the video analysis vApp deployment. You may learn more information here (attached pdf). You may also find the trials in the EVOLVED-5G YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VyKktkykek

Panel Discussion at Smart City Expo World Congress

Tanel Järvet (CAFA) participated in a panel discussion, Moderated by the TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology Smart City Centre of Excellence and featuring CAFA Tech, Fyma and Envelope, during the Smart City Expo World Congress where aspects and results of the EVOLVED-5G project and its use cases were also discussed and presented.

EVOLVED-5G project Presentation at Smart City Expo World Congress

On Wednesday 17th of November the Nordic cities presented their development plans and needs and the Nordic companies pitched their solutions. At this session EVOLVED-5G partner Tanel Järvet (CAFA Tech) introduced the project idea and initial results. You may learn more about the event here:


CAFA Tech Booth in Smart City Expo World Congress

CAFA Tech is participated in the Estonian Joint Stand at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, which took place on November 16th -18th . More than 400 companies were represented at the fair, introducing innovative solutions to create a better urban life for people and enable more efficient and inclusive urban services. CAFA Tech, EVOLVED-5G partner, presented the CAFA Worker robot and the 5G cellular drone at the fair and introducing Evolved 5G and project’s results .
The CAFA Worker robot works both autonomously and remotely over 4G / 5G to replace the direct presence of a person in a hazardous environment doing routine work.
The fair will be accompanied by a congress with many exciting presentations. All presentations can be watched online via the website: