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‘European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem’ White Paper by 5G IA

EVOLVED-5G partners have contributed in publishing the white paper by 5G IA entitled: ‘European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem’ You may access the white paper by clicking in the following link: https://5g-ia.eu/single_post/?slug=the-5g-infrastructure-association-5g-ia-publishes-the-white-paper-european-vision-for-the-6g-network-ecosystem

The 5G IA and NetWorldEurope ETP sign Collaboration Agreement

5G IA and NetworldEurope ETP signed a collaboration agreement to facilitate research and innovation for beyond 5G & 6G networks as well as smart networks and services. You may read the joint collaboration agreement at: https://5g-ppp.eu/the-5g-ia-and-networldeurope-etp-sign-collaboration-agreement/?fbclid=IwAR3ZBPdC5ExqnQw6B8plfRmaGqW1HdlLLA05DEWD_JBCGbLcgI2smDUE3c