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Deliverable 3.3 “Implementations and integrations towards EVOLVED-5G framework realization”

This document contains information, which is proprietary to the EVOLVED-5G (“Experimentation and Validation Openness for Longterm evolution of VErtical inDustries in 5G era and beyond) Consortium that is subject to the rights and obligations and to the terms and conditions applicable to the Grant Agreement number: 101016608. The action of the EVOLVED-5G Consortium is funded by the European Commission. Neither this document nor the information contained herein shall be used, copied, duplicated, reproduced, modified, or communicated by any means to any third party, in whole or in parts, except with prior written consent of the EVOLVED-5G Consortium. In such case, an acknowledgement of the authors of the document and all applicable portions of the copyright notice must be clearly referenced. In the event of infringement, the consortium reserves the right to take any legal action it deems appropriate. This document reflects only the authors’ view and does not necessarily reflect the view of the European Commission. Neither the EVOLVED-5G Consortium as a whole, nor a certain party of the EVOLVED-5G Consortium warrant that the information contained in this document is suitable for use, nor that the use of the information is accurate or free from risk and accepts no liability for loss or damage suffered by any person using this information. The information in this document is provided as is and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose. The user thereof uses the information at its sole risk and liability. Find it online here: https://evolved-5g.eu/dissemination/deliverables/

EVOLVED-5G D3.1 “Implementations and integrations towards EVOLVED-5G framework realisation”

his document provides an overview of the current implementations and early prototypes of various parts of the EVOLVED-5G experimentation facility. More precisely, the deliverable describes the result of work conducted by the third Work Package (WP) of the project, WP3- Overall framework development and integration activities, and, in concrete, in Tasks T3.1- Production of the workspace and the related verification tools, T3.2-Development of NetApps validation tools and open repository, and T3.3-Overall framework integration and 5G infrastructure evolution. Indeed, the main goal of this WP is to implement all the core components of the reference architecture defined by WP2-Realisation process, requirements, and reference architecture design, related to the design of the environments and components of the EVOLVED-5G facility that will enable the development of NetApps and their lifecycle management. You may access it here: https://evolved-5g.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/EVOLVED-5G-D3.1-v1.0.pdf

EVOLVED-5G D7.1 “Dissemination, Communication and 5G PPP Engagement Plan”

This deliverable belongs to the set of WP7 deliverables, and it is directly linked to Task 7.1 Dissemination and Communication Activities and Task 7.2 Engagement in 5G-PPP Activities of WP7 framework. T7.1 main objective is to describe initial impact plans and to devise and deploy sound impact creation action plans and strategies, required to achieve maximum visibility, as well as to maximize impact within business and scientific communities, guaranteeing fast and efficient communication, dissemination, exploitation and adoption of its outputs. Planned activities will be monitored throughout the project lifetime and periodically amended, so to ensure long term effectiveness and attainability. Dissemination activities will target related markets and industries with the objective of fully exploiting the novel business opportunities that are raised from related market activities and business functions. In parallel, T7.2 focuses on the engagement with 5G-PPP activities. The project and technical coordinators of the project represent EVOLVED-5G in Steering Board and Technology Board respectively. In addition, the project contributes to 5G-PPP advances through its participation to several 5G-PPP Working Groups (e.g., SME, Pre-Standardization, Architecture, Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation). You may access it online here: https://evolved-5g.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/EVOLVED-5G-D7.1_v1.0.pdf

EVOLVED-5G D2.2 “Design of NetApps development and evaluation environments”

The purpose of this document is to serve as an entry point to the implementation of the EVOLVED-5G experimental facility that will serve as the development and evaluation reference architecture for the realisation of the NetApp ecosystem. The deliverable is a result of work carried out in Tasks 2.3 and 2.4 of the EVOLVED-5G project, where main goals are to completely design all the various environments and components of the facility blueprint following the general lifecycle of a NetApp inside the ecosystem. You may access it here: https://evolved-5g.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/EVOLVED-5G-D2.2-v1.0_final.pdf