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Offering the 3GPP Common API Framework as Microservice to Vertical Industries” Paper Presentation at EuCNC 2022

Alejandro Molina Sanchez from Telefonica presented the EVOLVED-5G conference paper entitled “Offering the 3GPP Common API Framework as Microservice to Vertical Industries” on June 9th 2022. The 3GPP Common API Framework (CAPIF) has been standardized to guarantee a unique reference model for API-based service provisioning in 3GPP systems. The great potential of such framework is currently revealed due to the need for interaction between vertical industries and mobile networks. Towards realizing the above-mentioned interaction, we describe key functional aspects of CAPIF by focusing on related functional entities and APIs. In addition, we implemented the CAPIF Core Function, i.e., the main entity of CAPIF, as an effort to set the basis for an ecosystem where developers from vertical industries can easily develop network-interacting applications. To facilitate any further contribution in the area, our CAPIF implementation follows the principles of microservice programming, and it is released (open source) together with a set of evaluation tests. The paper has been created by Alejandro Molina Sanchez (Telefónica I+D, Spain); Anastasios-Stavros Charismiadis and Dimitris Tsolkas (Fogus Innovations & Services, Greece); David Artuñedo Guillen (Telefónica, Spain); Javier Garcia Rodrigo (Telefónica I+D, Spain).

5G Forum 2022

EVOLVED-5G project, took part in the 5G FORUM 2022 through a dedicated special session entitled “EVOLVED-5G & 5G USE CASES INNOVATION”. In this special session organized by EVOLVED-5G on the fourth day of the forum on 12th of May three dedicated presentations took place. Telefonica and University of Malaga represented EVOLVED-5G with the presentations entitled ” “EVOLVED-5G CAPIF core function”, along with other 5G uses cases that TID is implementing also with UMA in Málaga.”, “EVOLVED-5G Netapp ecosystem, 5G programmability and the Netapp lifecycle” and “EVOLVED-5G agricultural use case and Netapp ” to demonstrate that EVOLVED-5G activities go even beyond i4.0.