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Developing new use cases in robotics through EU projects

An article by PAL Robotics was released, showcasing the EVOLVED-5G’s scope and achievements. You may find it online here: https://blog.pal-robotics.com/new-case-studies-robotics-eu-projects/

ERF2022 in Rotterdam

PAL Robotics represented EVOLVED-5G project in ERF2022 through a booth and demonstration. During this event, visitors had the chance to meet TIAGo robot and see how our project can lead the way towards industry 4.0. You may learn more about the event here: https://erf2022.eu/

EVOLVED-5G presentation by PAL Robotics in Advanced Factories 2022 Booth

At the ADVANCED FACTORIES 2022 congress that focuses on industry 4.0, PAL Robotcs, EVOLVED-5G partner, through their booth had the chance to introduce to visitors the projects that they participate. EVOLVED-5G Project was presented several times as it uses the TIAGo robot in the project with the aim to contribute towards the Industry 4.0. You may learn more about the event here: https://www.advancedfactories.com/en/af-show/

PAL Robotics booth in Advanced Factories 2022

EVOLVED-5G partner took place through a booth in the Advanced Factories 2022 on the 29-31 March 2022. Advanced Factories is the annual meeting of industry leaders. Since 2017, year after year, this event has established itself as the industrial trade show where the latest solutions on industrial automation systems, robotics, industrial software, artificial intelligence, artificial vision and virtual simulation solutions , Big Data, IoT, cybersecurity, Industrial Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and all technologies 4.0 associated with digital manufacturing are showcased. You may learn more about the event here: https://www.advancedfactories.com/en/af-show/

PAL Robotics in “How to make an impact in EU projects” at European Robotics Forum (13-15 April 2021)

PAL Robotics introduced the EVOLVED-5G project in the #ERF21 workshop “How to make an impact in EU projects”, showcasing how EVOLVED-5G project will utilise NetApps for Industry4.0. You may learn more here: https://www.eu-robotics.net/robotics_forum/exhibition/index.html

EVOLVED-5G & PAL Robotics

EVOLVED-5G project has been officially announced in the PAL Robotics (EVOLVED-5G partner) website. You may learn more about the project and the participation of PAL Robotics in the following link: https://pal-robotics.com/collaborative-projects/evolved-5g/