“Towards Zero Touch Configuration of 5G Non-Public Networks for Time Sensitive Networking” Accepted paper

EVOLVED-5G partners from UMA submitted a journal paper entitled “Towards Zero Touch Configuration of 5G Non-Public Networks for Time Sensitive Networking ” in the IEEE Network Magazine (Volume: 36, Issue: 2) , Special issue: New Network Architectures, Protocols and Algorithms for the Time-Sensitive Applications. The paper was accepted and is available here: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9785739

Briefly the scope of the paper is to express “the need to increase mobility and remove cables in industrial environments is pushing 5G as a valuable communication system to connect traditional deterministic Ethernet-based devices. One alternative is the adoption of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards over 5G Non-Public Networks (5G NPN) deployed in the company premises. This scenario presents several challenges, the most relevant being the configuration of the 5G part to provide latency, reliability and throughput balance suitable to ensure that all the TSN traffic can be delivered on time. Our research work addresses this problem from the perspective of automata learning. Our aim is to learn from the live network to build a smart controller that can dynamically predict and apply a suitable configuration of the 5G NPN to satisfy the requirements of the current TSN traffic. The article presents the main ideas of this novel approach.”

EVOLVED-5G announcement on CAFA tech’s website

CAFA Tech, EVOLVED-5G partner, announced the EVOLVED-5G project in their official website. In this announcement they share information about the nature of the project and their role. You may find the announcement here: https://www.cafatech.com/evolved-5g/

EVOLVED-5G Marketplace

The EVOLVED-5G marketplace is now available! You may find us online here: https://evolved5g-marketplace.evolved-5g.gr/. In this marketplace any interested stakeholder may find information about the EVOLVED-5G NetApps. Also EVOLVED-5G project gives the chance to any interested stakeholder to create its own NetApp and upload it to the marketplace. In case you might be interested, you can access the marketplace guide in the EVOLVED-5G YouTube channel here:

5G Applicability Seminar by UPV

On the 30th of May Universitat Politècnica de València organized a seminar entitled “5G Application”. This seminar included several presentations and demo sessions of EVOLVED-5G and 5G in general. In this seminar there was a special presentation for 5G programmability, about the EVOLVED-5G NetApps and the EVOLVED-5G framework by NCSR Demokritos partners. At this seminar INFOLYSiS and Immersion, SMEs of the project, had the chance to demonstrate their NetApps. The seminar started with a brief introduction about the the 5G connection.