Networld SMEs brochure

The latest Networld SMEs brochure is now available! Access it and find also SMEs related to EVOLVED-5G project. Find it online here:

5GPPP TB Workshop – 24 June 2021 – EVOLVED-5G 5GPPP TB workshop 5G for verticals session

EVOLVED-5G partner, Dimitris Tsolkas (FOGUS), participated in the 5GPPP TB meeting on June 24. He also presented the EVOLVED-5G project by sharing a project overview along with details about the architecture and the members of the consortium.

EVOLVED-5G presented in the 5GPPP Arch Working Group

FOGUS, EVOLVED-5G partner, presented the EVOLVED-5G project and shared some very useful details about its pillars and its objectives in the 5GPPP Arch Working Group 30th of April.