EVOLVED-5G papers and publications in journals, conferences, workshops, book chapters, white papers and contributions to 5G-PPP publications are presented in detail on the following sections.

Workshops, Presentations & Trials

EVOLVED-5G organizes/co-organizes several workshops, participates in conferences and delivers presentations in various events, performs trials and test as per the defined use cases. All these related communication and dissemination activities are summarized below.


EVOLVED-5G articles are published in several media such as journals, newspapers, websites, newsletters etc.

Press Releases

EVOLVED-5G Press Releases


All public (PU) deliverables of EVOLVED-5G are available for downloading.


EVOLVED-5G newsletters are issued quarterly and summarize the project’s activities and achievements during the reporting period.


Several events in conferences and workshops have been already attended/organized or are planned to be attended/organized by several EVOLVED-5G partners.