“5G Network Programmability Enabling Industry 4.0 Transformation” at Industrial Applications of the Internet of Things and 5G and 6G Networks book

George Makropoulos, Dimitrios Fragkos, Harilaos Koumaras (NCSR “Demokritos”, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications), Nancy Alonistioti (Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, National and KapodistrianUniversity of Athens, Alexandros Kaloxylos (University of Peloponnese), Vaios Koumaras, Theoni Dounia, Christos Sakkas (INFOLYSiS), Dimitris Tsolkas (FOGUS),
created the “5G Network Programmability Enabling Industry 4.0 Transformation”, Chapter (6), at the Industrial Applications of the Internet of Things and 5G and 6G Networks book.
Modern communication technologies such as 5G and 6G and the industrial internet of things have important attributes to meet the requirements of industries, and with the rapid development of the fourth industrial revolution and beyond, it is unavoidable that these will fulfill the necessary requirements of this important part of modernization.
Industrial Applications of the Internet of Things and 5G and 6G Networks ranges from the application of recently ratified communication standards, theoretical knowledge that provides tangible insight for understanding the principles of operation, design, implementation, and planning, to the outcomes from deployment of industrial projects. Covering topics such as 5G network programmability, industry policies, and optical networking technologies, this premier reference source is a valuable resource for computer scientists, IT specialists, industry consultants and professionals, business leaders, libraries, students, researchers, and academicians.
You may learn more here: https://www.igi-global.com/book/industrial-applications-internet-things-networks/276938

“NetApps Enabling Application-Layer Analytics for Vertical IoT Industry” Journal Paper

The EVOLVED-5G journal paper by Lenovo partner (Emmanouil Pateromichelakis, Dimitrios Dimopoulos, Apostolis Salkintzis), entitled “NetApps Enabling Application-Layer Analytics for Vertical IoT Industry” was accepted in the IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, Volume 5, Issue: 4.
This article presents the concept of vertical application enablement which is a framework that enables the integration of vertical IoT apps within future mobile networks. The vertical application enablement provides a toolbox of value-add services, realized via so-called Network Applications (NetApps), that form an optimization and translation layer, which eases the interaction between vertical IoT apps and mobile networks. The importance of data management at the telco cloud platforms, and in particular the data collection and analytics enablement, necessitates a new category of NetApps which aims at supporting cross-domain integrated analytics to optimize end to end application performance, In this article, we review the various vertical application enablement frameworks, and we consider more specifically the NetApps that can be used to expose their services/capabilities. We also discuss the Application Data Analytics Enablement Services (ADAES) that can provide app-layer analytics services to vertical IoT apps, and we present its architecture, capabilities, and its current standardization status in 3GPP. In addition, we present an innovative implementation of analytics enablement through NetApps, which enables vertical IoT clients to select the best vertical IoT server instance, which is expected to provide the best performance.
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Transfiere 2023

Professor Pedro Merino Gomez from UMA explained the fundamental insights of EVOLVED-5G project during “5G Technology as innovation enabler. Present and Future” Panel Discussion of Transfiere 2023. You may learn more about the event here: https://transfiere.fycma.com/?lang=en  

Transfiere has closed its 12th edition with the participation of more than 4,300 professional visitors who have had the opportunity to connect with 500 companies, entities and institutions that drive innovation. The forum held one of its most ambitious editions with a programme of contents in which more than 420 experts took part and debated topics of maximum interest for scientific and technological development around more than 80 thematic panels.

IWAPS 2023, EVOLVED-5G co-organised Workshop

The availability of massive amounts of data, coupled with high-performance cloud computing platforms, has driven significant progress in artificial intelligence and, in particular, machine learning and optimization. It has transformed into a fertile surface for cyber-attacks skyrocketing the cyber risk of involved industries and impacting several areas, including computer vision, natural language processing, transportation, trust computing, identity management and psychological manipulation.

This workshop aims to strengthen security and privacy through research and relevant activities in the models and design of secure, privacy-preserving and trust architectures, investments in cyber-defense, data analyses, fusion platforms, protocols, algorithms, services, and applications for next generation systems and solutions. We especially encourage security and privacy solutions that employ innovative machine learning techniques to tackle the issues of inspecting large data volumes, cyberattacks, and variety problems that are systemic in IoT platforms, theoretical and practical challenges related to the design of privacy-preserving AI systems and algorithms and will have strong multidisciplinary components, including soliciting contributions about policy, legal issues, and societal impact of privacy and affect the cyber risk of the participating entities.

The 2023 IWAPS will bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present and discuss latest advances and innovations in theories, infrastructure, schemes, and applications for secure computation, privacy technologies, security economics, human computer interaction, as well as to identify emerging research topics and define the future trends.

The workshop is co-organized from the following European Commission (Horizon 2020 Programme) projects:

You may learn more here: https://www.ares-conference.eu/workshops/iwaps-2023/