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“The 6G Architecture Landscape – European perspective” White Paper

The 5GPPP Architecture WG released the white paper entitled “The 6G Architecture Landscape – European perspective”. You may find it online along with the EVOLVED-5G contributions here: https://5g-ppp.eu/white-papers/

This white paper summarizes the main findings from the European research landscape on the vision of the 6G architecture. Such a design vision is derived from around 45 projects starting from October 2020 in all relevant areas of 5G while paving the way towards 6G, within the 5G Public Private-Partnership (5G PPP) in the scope of the European Framework for Research and Innovation (the list of contributing projects can be obtained from the 5G PPP website at https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-phase-3-projects/.). At present, the European networking research community has started a new program along with 33 projects on the Smart Networks and Service (SNS) programme that will focus on 5G advanced and 6G. The 5G/B5G Architecture Working Group (WG), as part of the 5G PPP Initiative, is identifying and capturing novel trends and key technological enablers for the realization of the 5G and 6G architecture. The main findings and results of the Architecture WG are now captured in this white paper, which presents a consolidated view from European perspective on the technical directions for the architecture design in the 6G era.

“NetApp: Opening up 5G and beyond networks” White Paper

The 5GPP white paper entitled “NetApp: Opening up 5G and beyond networks” is now available! You may find it online along with EVOLVED-5G contributions here: https://5g-ppp.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/5G-PPP-Software-Network-White-Paper-V9.pdf

As part of the 5G-PPP Initiative, the Software Network Working Group prepared this white paper to demystify the concept of the Network Applications. In fact, the Network Application ecosystem is more than the introduction of new vertical applications that have interaction capabilities. It refers to the need for a separate middleware layer to simplify the implementation and deployment of vertical systems on a large scale. Specifically, third parties or network operators can contribute to Network Applications, depending on the level of interaction and trust. Different implementations have been conducted by the different projects considering different API types and different level of trust between the verticals and the owner of 5G platforms.