EVOLVED-5G D2.2 “Design of NetApps development and evaluation environments”

The purpose of this document is to serve as an entry point to the implementation of the EVOLVED-5G experimental facility that will serve as the development and evaluation reference architecture for the realisation of the NetApp ecosystem. The deliverable is a result of work carried out in Tasks 2.3 and 2.4 of the EVOLVED-5G project, where main goals are to completely design all the various environments and components of the facility blueprint following the general lifecycle of a NetApp inside the ecosystem. You may access it here: https://evolved-5g.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/EVOLVED-5G-D2.2-v1.0_final.pdf

EVOLVED-5G announces the first release (Release 1.0) of the 3GPP CAPIF Core Function

EVOLVED-5G announces the first release (Release 1.0) of the 3GPP CAPIF Core Function, developed by project partners: Telefonica I+D and Fogus Innovations & Services P.C.

To avoid duplication and inconsistency of approach between the various API specifications that 3GPP has released, the development of a common API framework (CAPIF) has been considered. CAPIF includes common aspects applicable to any northbound service APIs. As such, it is a complete 3GPP API framework that covers functionality related to: on-board and off-board API invokers, register and release APIs that need to be exposed, discovering APIs by third entities, as well as authorization and authentication. CAPIF functionality is considered as a cornerstone in the realization of 5G openness, since it allows secure exposure of 5G core APIs to third party domains, and also, enables third parties to define and expose their own APIs. Indeed, CAPIF has become already a fundamental feature for the 3GPP SA6, targeting the interaction of Verticals with the 5G system. More precisely, CAPIF compliance is required in i) the development of Vertical Application Enablers (VAEs) for various industries (V2X, Factories of the Future, etc.), ii) the realization of the Service Enabled Architecture Layer (SEAL), as well as iii) the implementation of the service side of Edge Computing services.

More Details:

Repository:  https://github.com/EVOLVED-5G/CAPIF_API_Services

Related Documentation: PDF

ININ presented in 25th Seminar on Radio Communication

EVOLVED-5G partners Rudolf Susnik, Janez Sterle and Luka Korsic presented the ININ’s NetApp “Industrial grade 5G connectivity for the Factory of the Future IoT devices” developed in the context of EVOLVED-5G project. The presentation has been published in the proceedings of the 25th Seminar on Radio Communication, SRK 2022, which held from 2nd to 4th February 2022 on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You may learn more information about the event here: http://srk.fe.uni-lj.si/2022/main.php

EVOLVED-5G Newsletter Issue #4

The fourth issue of the EVOLVED-5G newsletter is now available! It describes all the project related activities for the October – December 2021 period. You may access it online here: https://evolved-5g.eu/dissemination/newsletter/

EVOLVED-5G Fourth GA Meeting

The fourth GA meeting (virtual) of EVOLVED-5G took place in the beginning of the New Year and lasted for 3 days! The members of the consortium met up virtually due to to travel restrictions of COVID-19 pandemic. They discussed about the technical overview of the project, communication and dissemination actions and the engagement of the EVOLVED-5G project in the upcoming EUCNC & 6G Summit.