EVOLVED-5G First YouTube Video

The first EVOLVED-5G is now available! It is an introductory video that briefly explains the vision, the objects and the use cases of the project. You may access it on the EVOLVED-5G YouTube channel here:

NCSR “Demokritos” develops 5G for vertical industries

Harilaos Koumaras from NCSR “Demokritos” explained in an online article (in Greek) the way that 5G will boost the new era of the Industry 4.0. He also shared some useful insights about the EVOLVED-5G project. You may access and read the article here:

The first EVOLVED-5G video is a fact and is available at the project’s YouTube channel!

In this first introductory video you may find an overview of the project along with all related information about its concept and objectives. You may access it on the the EVOLVED-5G official YouTube channel, here: Feel free to share it!

EVOLVED-5G presented in the 5GPPP Arch Working Group

FOGUS, EVOLVED-5G partner, presented the EVOLVED-5G project and shared some very useful details about its pillars and its objectives in the 5GPPP Arch Working Group 30th of April.

PAL Robotics in “How to make an impact in EU projects” at European Robotics Forum (13-15 April 2021)

PAL Robotics introduced the EVOLVED-5G project in the #ERF21 workshop “How to make an impact in EU projects”, showcasing how EVOLVED-5G project will utilise NetApps for Industry4.0. You may learn more here:

EVOLVED-5G 1st GA Plenary Meeting (14 & 15 April 2021)

The EVOLVED-5G first GA plenary meeting was organised remotely due to the COVID-19 impact and safety restrictions that apply worldwide! This virtual GA meeting ran for 2 days (14-15 Apr 2021) discussing about the project initial period, WPs/tasks activities, NetApp functions, and the new goals to be met over the next period. Group photos from the consortium members were also taken in a rather virtual and remote way.