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Making strides towards an open and dynamic 5G ecosystem

The EVOLVED-5G NEF emulator has been communicated by CORDIS EU research results, as a tool to support SMEs and boost the development of 5G-aware services and applications, the so-called NetApps. Efforts towards 5G readiness have now reached the point where third-party innovators and SMEs should take advantage of the capabilities of 5G infrastructures. However, successful 5G realisation hinges on the development of network applications (NetApps). Launched in January 2021, the EU-funded EVOLVED-5G project strives to enhance Europe’s 5G experimentation potential and open 5G to vertical industries through a novel NetApp development and verification environment. You may access the article online here: https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/435466-making-strides-towards-an-open-and-dynamic-5g-ecosystem