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INFOLYSIS Intent-driven chatbot deployment

INFOLYSIS Intent driven chatbot, for precise maintenance in 5G-enabled Industry 4.0 environment, was successfully deployed and tested at Athens 5G platform in NCSR Demokritos campus by INFOLYSIS and NCSRD partners on Wednesday 7th December 2022. You may find the video online here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVv31peghso&t=3s

“Intent-driven Chatbots for Precise Maintenance in 5G-enabled Industry 4.0 Environments” presentation at 24th Conference InfoCom World “Fiber & 5G Highways: DigitAll Greece!

Nikolaos Vrionis from INFOLYSiS, EVOLVED-5G partner, presented “Intent-driven Chatbots for Precise Maintenance in 5G-enabled Industry 4.0 Environments” during 24th Conference InfoCom World “Fiber & 5G Highways: DigitAll Greece. In this session, Nikolaos Vrionis presented the overall concept of EVOLVED-5G. He presented the way a chatbot is being used in the context of our project, while also sharing information about the nature of the chatbot. Also, briefly explained the role of INFOLYSiS in the project and especially in the first pillar, which is the main field of INFOLYSiS Chatbot. Furthermore a demo of the communication of chatbot and NEF emulator took place during his presentation. Finally, some information were shared about INFOLYSiS team and operational format. This presentation took place in the context of “Research Projects for creating the Future and Innovative Telecoms Market” and “Research Programs for the Creation of the Future and Innovative Telecommunications Market” sessions of the 24th Conference InfoCom World “Fiber & 5G Highways: DigitAll Greece. The proposed Workshop focuses thematically on the description of various -in progress- “European research programs for the creation of a future and innovative telecommunications market”. In particular, the Workshop aims to highlight many potential challenges arising from ongoing research funded by the European Commission but also to present various solutions regarding 5G networks and applications-services, capable of creating prospects for innovation and development. The Workshop is organized in nine (-9-) distinct thematic Sessions, in order to present both the scope and the results of the respective programs which are financed by the European Commission (in the context of H2020, 5G-PPP and SNS actions), in order to identify and to highlight growth opportunities for the market. There are strong conceptual interactions and common “grounds” between the thematic frameworks of the Synods. The proposed distinction can be evaluated as “indicative” and mainly as “oriented to relevant fields of the European Commission”, according to the current 5G-PPP/H2020 and/or SNS framework.