5GPPP “Programmatic operation projects heritage and interactions” white paper

The 5GPPP “Programmatic operation projects heritage and interactions” white paper is now available! Access it and find about the EVOLVED-5G contributions. Find it online here: https://5g-ppp.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/5GPPP_Heritage_Brochure2023_web.pdf

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme comprises 93 projects (listed in Section “Editors and Champions”) organized in three distinctive phases, namely specification, development and experimentation/pilots. Almost all PPP projects have now completed their work, with few remaining Phase 3 projects running until beginning of 2024. The 93 PPP projects achieved outstanding results and impact, as it has been regularly highlighted in the PPP Programme (https://5g-ppp.eu/) and the corresponding project websites. The PPP projects have created a plethora of advanced European telecommunication solutions. They also ensured an extremely high momentum and dynamism for the actual trials of these solutions as well as the further development of 5G systems on the road towards 6G networks, including 6G Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking (JU). The broader context and overall panoramic perspective of the progress and achievements that the 5G Infrastructure PPP Programme has produced can be directly accessed on the PPP website, in the PPP Verticals Cartography, through specific White Papers and via the multiple webinars organized by the 5G PPP at the Programme and projects levels. Given the vast amount of work being carried out by the portfolio of 5G Infrastructure PPP projects, this PPP Projects Heritage Brochure and related Heritage Figure are summarizing the interconnections between the PPP projects under three specific categories: 1. Projects follow-up (captured in orange solid lines in the figure), 2. Components use/re-use (captured in light blue dashed lines in the figure) and 3. ICT-19 Verticals Pilots / ICT-17 Platforms use (captured in dark blue dashed lines in the figure). The work is consolidating and concluding the initial work achieved with the PPP Heritage Figure Version n°1 released in June 2020 (https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-heritage/) and that was one of the PPP “Reference” Figures, widely used to depict the Programmatic connections between projects.