Progress Monitoring Report (PMR) for 2022 – August 2023

This document reports the progress achieved by the 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP)1 during 2022. For reasons of completeness, the document briefly presents the overall 5G PPP framework (Annexes 1 & 2). It also analyses the activities that were performed under this framework either by the 5G Initiative (i.e., 5G PPP Projects, 5G PPP working groups, Steering and Technology Boards) or the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6GIA) 2 , i.e., Verticals Engagement Task Force, 6G-IA working groups and specific activities. Detailed information can be found in Annexes 3 through 6. Furthermore, it presents the results for several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a) a common set of KPIs (i.e., mobilised private investments, new skills/job profiles, impact on the SMEs, Significant innovations), b) specific KPIs for the 5G PPP in terms of network performance, business and societal aspects and c) the contribution to 5G PPP Programme-level KPIs. Detailed information about this topic can also be found in Annexes 7 through 9. Finally, the document provides a qualitative analysis about the outlook and the lessons learnt and provides some recommendations about the workplan for the following years. Please note, that some of the reported information relates to data collected through specific Questionnaires. The current report contains some information taken from questionnaires released and processed during 2022.