EVOLVED-5G D3.1 “Implementations and integrations towards EVOLVED-5G framework realisation”

his document provides an overview of the current implementations and early prototypes of various parts of the EVOLVED-5G experimentation facility. More precisely, the deliverable describes the result of work conducted by the third Work Package (WP) of the project, WP3- Overall framework development and integration activities, and, in concrete, in Tasks T3.1- Production of the workspace and the related verification tools, T3.2-Development of NetApps validation tools and open repository, and T3.3-Overall framework integration and 5G infrastructure evolution. Indeed, the main goal of this WP is to implement all the core components of the reference architecture defined by WP2-Realisation process, requirements, and reference architecture design, related to the design of the environments and components of the EVOLVED-5G facility that will enable the development of NetApps and their lifecycle management. You may access it here: https://evolved-5g.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/EVOLVED-5G-D3.1-v1.0.pdf